Our Center

The Centre is located at the border of the nature reserve Lahnaue in Heuchelheim near Gießen. Most of the events take part in the meditation room, decorated in the warm and inspiring way of tibetan monasteries. The heart piece of the altar are three statues, of Jigten Sumgön, the founder of the Drikung Kagyü Tradition and of the first two lineage holders.

Highlights of our events are the visits of Tibetan Teachers, who  through their knowledge and profound experience, convey the Dharma in an authentic and inspiring way. In talks and seminars they elucidate the buddhist philosophy and meditation practice and also lead meditation retreats, to deepen what one has learnt. The spiritual director of the association is Khenpo Könchok Rangdol, the abbot of the Kagyü College in Dheradun.

 Regular Events

  • Meditation
  • Recitations and visualisation exercises from the tibetan-buddhist practice
  • Foundation courses in buddhist philosophy

These are held by Ani Könchok Tsechö, living in the Centre.

Prayers for Well Being

Comprehensive well being does not only involve physical health, or the absence of illness, but depends to a high degree on our mental balance. For this reason, spiritual practice and prayers are also used for healing in the tibetan-buddhist tradition, as well as medical treatment. The Centre offers the opportunity to have prayers and ceremonies carried out for oneself as well as for relatives and friends. Requests for larger ceremonies or pujas can be passed on to the monastery Jangchub Ling in Dheradun.


It is a major concern for all Buddhists to have made a pilgrimage at least once in a lifetime to the four holy places connected with Buddha’s life. To provide an opportunity to all those interested in experiencing Buddhism in its places of origin, we organize pilgrimages to India, Nepal and Ladakh.