Europetour 2015


Transhimalayan Culture and Αrt

European Τour 2015

With Buddhist monks from Sharchukhul monastery of Ladakh

In autumn 2015 we are organizing a european tour with eight monks from Sharchukhul monastery in Ladakh, who will offer a multifaceted program with rituals, dances and prayers as well as making Sandmandalas and Tormas, in different european cities during the months of September to November.

Through this tour we would like to offer the people in Europe an insight into the unique culture and life of the people in the remote area of Ladakh, in the Transhimalayas. We thus wish to encourage a cultural exchange as well as promote an interfaith dialogue, in order to contribute towards religious harmony and peace in the world.

Through festivities and rituals which will be presented during the European Tour due to take place in the Fall of 2015, we wish to offer visitors the opportunity to get to know this unique culture influenced by Buddhism. Furthermore we wish to draw people´s attention to the extremely demanding living conditions and needs of people in the Changthang region. Through donations we hope to be able to contribute towards the completion of important projects currently under way at the region.

Making sand Mandalas, constructing Tormas – sculptures made of barley flour and colored butter – as well as offering lectures on the meaning and symbolism of these centuries-old religious activities are among the events scheduled to be presented during our European Tour. Various rituals like Chod meditation or Kunrig – the symbolic language of the Buddhas, as well as cooking workshops which will provide participants with the opportunity to taste local Ladakhi and Tibetan dishes and therefore enable them to get a closer encounter of the culture of the Himalayan region by using all senses will complete the activities on offer.

All rituals, songs and prayers which will be presented are an expression of the essential aspects of Buddha’s teachings on loving kindness and compassion. Therefore, our performances are not only aiming to entertain but also to inspire basic Buddhist values in the minds of the audience and by so doing to spread the message of love and peace throughout the world. Additionally, we would love to show people in the West the amount of joy the Himalayan people feel for life despite the hardships they are confronted with, something which is so typical of them.

We turn to you in order to kindly request you to assist us in making this Tour a great success. Please contact us in case you are interested in organizing such an event in your area and if so, provide us with any useful contacts. We wish to attract the attention of a big audience and thus offer the opportunity to as many people as possible to get a hands on experience on the unique culture of the Himalayans. At this point we would like to emphasize the importance of such events as great contributors towards the realization of different social projects at this region.